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South Sound Networking provides the forum and structure for a diversified group of business people to enhance their marketing efforts and achieve higher sales through the growth and maintenance of professional relationships.  Please view many important details and documents below. 

Member List

Dr. Lissa Grannis


Business Name: Creekside Chiropractic & Massage
Business Category: Chiropractic & Massage
Date Joined: 07.23.2008
Phone Number:  253-588-1800
Cell Number: 253-318-5561
Email Address: [email protected]

Valarie Bethel

Referral Chair

Business Name: Parkwood Property Management
Business Category: Property Management
Date Joined: 11.11.2015
Phone Number:  253-588-2266
Cell Number: 253-297-8403
Email Address: [email protected]

Shawn Mattingly


Business Name: F.J Weinand and Associates
Business Category: CPA
Date Joined: 01.00.1900
Phone Number:  253-584-7966
Cell Number: 253-208-5232
Email Address: [email protected]

DeAnne Davidson/Jessica Grubb

Referral Chair

Business Name: RE/MAX Advantage – The Four Seasons Team
Business Category: Residential Real-Estate Agent
Date Joined: 4.19.2006
Phone Number: 253-381-8997
Cell Number:253-381-8997
Email Address: [email protected]

Mark Mattingly


Business Name: Country Financial
Business Category: Insurance
Date Joined: 9.26.2012
Phone Number: 253-292-0291
Cell Number: 253-472-2932
Email Address: [email protected]

Dr. Oksana Mulyukova

Mixer Committee Co-Chair

Business Name: Tacoma Natural Health
Business Category: Acupuncture
Date Joined: 11.22.2017
Phone Number:  425-273-4273
Cell Number: 425-273-4273
Email Address: [email protected]

Deborah Leibel


Business Name: Home Street Bank
Business Category: Residential Lending
Date Joined: 7.1.2015
Phone Number: 253-222-5663
Cell Number: 253-222-5663
Email Address: [email protected]

Frank & Beverly Sharp

Vice President

Business Name: FTS Excavation, LLC
Business Category: Excavation Contractor
Date Joined: 03.31.2021
Phone Number:
Cell Number: 253-439-8003
Email Address: [email protected]

Elliot Gesang


Business Name: Gesang Remodeling
Business Category: Contractor
Date Joined: 7.20.2011
Phone Number: 360-893-6207
Cell Number: 253-576-3309
Email Address: [email protected]

Richard Hoefel

Membership Chair

Business Name: Richard Hoefel Attorney
Business Category: Business, Real-Estate & Wills
Date Joined: 2.4.2004
Phone Number: 253-566-1925
Cell Number:253-566-1925
Email Address: [email protected]

Bill Adams

Sgt of Arms

Business Name: All Ways Under Pressure
Business Category: Painting Contractor
Date Joined: 1.14.2015
Phone Number: 253-531-2044
Cell Number: 253-691-9181
Email Address: [email protected]

Joe Mota Barriga

Business Name: Prestige Landscaping
Business Category: Landscaping
Date Joined: 12.20.2020
Phone Number: 253-222-0328
Cell Number:
Email Address: [email protected]

Don Lobb

Business Name: United Roofing Contractor
Business Category: Roofing
Date Joined: 4.5.2023
Phone Number: 360-915-9116
Cell Number: 360-701-3872
Email Address: [email protected]

Jedediah Wright

Business Name: Wright Roof Cleaning
Business Category:Roof & Gutter Clean 
Date Joined: 3.29.2023
Phone Number: 253-240-6605
Cell Number: 253-223-0773
Email Address: [email protected]

Elizabeth Wasson

Guest Day

Business Name: EverSafe Tree Service
Business Category: Tree Services
Date Joined: 6.12.2019
Phone Number: 253-267-3725
Cell Number: 253-228-9053
Email Address: [email protected]

Russ Ferguson

Business Name:RMA Handyman Services
Business Category:Handyman Services 
Date Joined: 4.26.2023
Cell Number: 253-370-7922
Email Address: [email protected]

Todd Mason


Business Name: Todd Mason Design, LLC
Business Category: Marketing/Graphic Design
Date Joined: 12.15.2023
Phone Number: 614-832-7096
Cell Number: 614-832-7096
Email Address:[email protected]

Alex Shapiro

Business Name: Midland Automotive
Business Category:Auto Repair 
Date Joined: 03.20.2024
Phone Number: 253-531-4331
Cell Number: 205-510-0056
Email Address: [email protected]

Bryan Coleman


Business Name: First Command Financial Services   
Business Category: Financial Advisor
Date Joined: 5.17.2023
Phone Number: 253-342-4052
Cell Number: 580-574-0367
Email Address: [email protected]

Micah Moore


Business Name: Bob Larson Plumbing LLC
Business Category: Contractor: Plumbing
Date Joined: 11.8.2023
Phone Number: 253-475-8440
Cell Number: 253-377-3624
Email Address: [email protected]

If you need your information updated, please contact Elliot at [email protected]

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