I joined South Sound Networking in July 2011 because I was looking for a unique way to market my company and expand exposure in the community.  This network group has been everything I needed and much more than I expected.  I have met a team of wonderful professional business people who care about their customers as well as their fellow team members.  With their referrals and help my company has grown exponentially with a marked increase in the bottom line.  And I so very much enjoy giving referrals to the other team members to help them grow their business as  well. South Sound Networking is a very positive experience for our members. 

Elliot Gesang, Gesang Inc

As a member of this group since 2006, I believe my business is the “business of people” and with people you build relationships along with trust.  I also understand when you help others grow their business, others will want to help you. I cannot find a better way to build trust than meeting with these great people once a week. Besides the added income from having 25 people market your business, these member professionals are a wonderful resource for me to refer my clients to.  Overall, I see South Sound Networking as a Win-Win-Win for all.

DeAnne Davidson,  Residential Real Estate Sales

Being a member of SSN has proven invaluable in growing our business. Every single member is encouraging, supportive and dedicated. When we refer to other SSN members, we know, without a doubt, that the person we referred is going to receive top notch service. We are thankful for this amazing group of outstanding professionals.

Ann-Marie Evans, AME Law

I have been a member of SSN since 2003. There is a reason why I have continued in SSN for 20 years: SSN members are committed to giving referrals… You give referrals and you get referrals… I can refer my clients to other professionals in the SSN group such as CPA’s, Insurance Agents, Property Managers, Contractors, and many others. I know these people and have faith in their ability to service my clients and not embarrass me with bad work… I consistently make more money from referrals that I receive than I expend for annual or quarterly dues… Over the years I have grown to respect other members in the group and consider them my friends as well as business colleagues.

Richard Hoefel, PLLC

Being a member of South Sound Networking has not only contributed to my revenue, it has also introduced me to quality business professionals. These local professionals add value to my business with their support, advice, and experience.

Valarie Bethel, Parkwood Property Management

We joined SSN soon after starting FTS Excavation. We got so much work from direct referrals that we stayed busy the whole first year! And we’re still receiving and giving referrals for other members of our group. This is hands down the most fun and best return on marketing dollars ever!

Beverly Sharp, FtS Excavation

I joined SSN when I started my company and it has brought me more business than any other form of marketing thus far. I would highly recommend any small business owner to join. For the price of the group, the return not only in profit but in business acumen from the other long-standing members is well worth it.

Jed Wright, Wright’s Roof Cleaning