I joined South Sound Networking in July 2011 because I was looking for a unique way to market my company and expand exposure in the community.  This network group has been everything I needed and much more than I expected.  I have met a team of wonderful professional business people who care about their customers as well as their fellow team members.  With their referrals and help my company has grown exponentially with a marked increase in the bottom line.  And I so very much enjoy giving referrals to the other team members to help them grow their business as  well. South Sound Networking is a very positive experience for our members. 

Elliot Gesang, Gesang Inc

As a member of this group since 2006, I believe my business is the “business of people” and with people you build relationships along with trust.  I also understand when you help others grow their business, others will want to help you. I cannot find a better way to build trust than meeting with these great people once a week. Besides the added income from having 25 people market your business, these member professionals are a wonderful resource for me to refer my clients to.  Overall, I see South Sound Networking as a Win-Win-Win for all.

DeAnne Davidson,  Residential Real Estate Sales